I am SO exited to finally announce that I will be speaking in Vancouver next April at the Canada Photo Convention! I am absolutely flattered to be a part of such a strong line up that includes and has included so many fellow photographers that I look to for inspiration. This year, one of my favorites, Gabe McClintock, spoke and next year I will be speaking along side another favorite, Benj Haisch.

I will be speaking about a topic that I find to be absolutely crucial to success and more importantly, your happiness as an artist: Developing Your Style! To read more about my presentation, head on over to the Canada Photo Convention’s website to see my speaker page. If you plan on attending (I suggest that you do), make sure that you useĀ  my coupon code (ben10) to get 10% off of your admission!

Lastly, I have two podcasts to share! The first one (the video) is part of Canada Photo Convention’s podcast series. A few weeks ago I accepted questions from fellow photographers and was thrilled to have so many great questions come in. The one that I chose came from Rebecca Lynn who asked, “How do you evoke the kind of emotion you want from your subject?” Thanks for the question Rebecca! Check outĀ  my answer (and proof of how awkward I am on video) below. The second podcast (just audio) is one from a series of podcasts from The Lonely Photographers. In the podcast we discuss just about everything (including my love for cats) and I can’t thank them enough for having me on the show! If you have some free time, give it a listen and then head over to their website to listen to the rest of the series. I guarantee that you will absorb some serious knowledge!

Canada Photo Convention Podcast:

The Lonely Photographers Podcast:

Check it out here! Kelly and Carey (of The Lonely Photographers) are hilarious and make me look good by association. Thanks so much for having me on the show guys!

  1. You’re hilarious!! I learned. I laughed. Thanks! =)

  2. Love your work and video!! Any way you’d tell us how you edit? Presets/Actions? It’s amazing!

    • Hey Kim! Thank you! I don’t use any presets (besides one of mine just to get started). I do offer mentor sessions (in which I spill all of my secrets). Shoot me an email if you would like to sign up for one!

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