Holy butts. Sometimes the fact that I’m an artist and I’m allowed to get weird slips my mind. I don’t have a boss, I’m allowed to create what I want, I’m allowed to try new things for the sake of playing, and I’m even allowed to start a blog post by saying “Holy butts.” That rocks.

This set is weird and I love it! If you want to learn more about how I shot these, I added these tricks to my Free Lighting Mini Class so feel free to dig into it!

Multiple ExposureMultiple ExposureMultiple Exposure

Mulitple ExposureMultiple ExposureMultiple ExposureMultiple Exposure

Multiple ExposureMultiple Exposure

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    oooh fantastic. love this series. <3

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    LOVE THE FLIXEL!!! SO good

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    You are The coolest

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    Holy butts. These ARE awesome. You rock, ben!

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    I’m diggin ‘em. Keep the weird flowing!

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    These feel like paintings! So ETHEREAL. thanks again for sharing.

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    Ben! these are absolutely fantastic! High-fives all ’round!

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    Love the move & creativity! Kick ass work.

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    holy crap, these are some of the most incredible shots I’ve seen in a long time. Truly exciting work.

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    so weird and I love it!

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    Wowza, these are pretty epic, feels like i should be wearing 3d glasses

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    OBSESSED. These remind me of the Antony & the johnsons – Crying Light – cover. Enchanting.

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    I’m crazy about this!

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