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HOT DANG. These two classes are my absolute favorite and my most popular. Editing and posing are what gets my heart pumping and makes me feel like I'm creating something awesome so I wanted to create a bundle for you all to get these two jam-packed classes at a bundled price. If you are hoping for a well rounded education, this is the place to get it. The two classes included in this bundle are Editing and Consistency, and Posing and Directing. You can read more about each class by clicking on their thumbnails below. Long story short, set your clocks. It's education time!
Joshua Tree Engagement Session


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EDITING + POSING BUNDLE $325 ($50 off)

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FULL BUNDLE // $475 ($100 off)

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This bundle is for those of you who want to dig into two of my favorite and most popular classes. I love the material covered in these and I’m so excited to share them! These classes cover exactly what I do with no secrets held back. As you improve, we all improve.

To purchase this bundle, just click on the “SIGN ME UP!” button to the right! You can also check out the full bundle that includes every one of my self paced classes. Those “SIGN ME UP!” buttons will take you to to the payment form where you can pay via PayPal or with a credit card (by using the “Don’t have a PayPal?” option). Once you pay, you will receive an email from me inviting you into the classes which will be yours forever. Let’s do it!