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Last month I had the pleasure of shooting the talented Michael Lomenda from the movie Jersey Boys for Zooey Magazine. Michael graciously invited us into his Hollywood apartment to shoot the week after Jersey Boys was released in theaters nation-wide and somehow still found the time to bring everyone on set the most delicious cookies I have ever eaten. A huge thanks to: Ryan Longnecker (my assistant), Cat White (groomer), and Elizabeth Watson (stylist). You all were a blast work with!

Michael Lomenda Jersey BoysMichael Lomenda Jersey BoysMichael Lomenda Jersey BoysMichael Lomenda Jersey BoysMichael Lomenda Jersey BoysMichael Lomenda Jersey Boys


My reflector and diffusers were huge assets on this shoot. We had gorgeous light coming in the windows but needed to make it a bit less harsh to get rid of some of the shadows on Michael. In most of these shots we either had a diffuser over the window (to soften the light coming in), or a reflector on the opposite side (to bounce light from the windows back onto the side of Michael that was in shadow). Sometimes on set it can be harder to see where the shadows and highlights are falling (especially in soft light) but an easy way to tell is to squint your eyes until everything is blurry. Things will start to lose their shape but you will be able to see the tones much easier. You might look like a fool while your doing it, but I promise that it helps.

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    Wow! These are some pretty awesome photographs. So Airy and dreamy and got that pastel look to it. It’s so good!

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    He has a sweet place! Love the images Ben! Cool to see you working with Zooey!

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    Did you diffuse the entire window or just the light coming on him? Also what helped you determine weather to fill or DIFFUSE? Love your work!

    • Dan, there were actually soft white curtains on some of the windows that did most of the diffusing for me. If there was harsh sunlight coming into the windows, that’s when I would diffuse it (and maybe fill too). If there was just indirect light coming in, I would most likely only use the reflector to fill in the other side.

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