TAYLOR : Malibu

Everything was home and nothing was alone. It was black, we were black, I was black.

Edited with my Heck Yeah Presets (Film Pack with a tweaked Tone Curve)!

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    I loooove this serie!!! 🙂 How to did you do the blur effect in the photos? it was post production or in-camera with a plastic bag? Thanks in advance, i loove your work! 😀

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    I love thIs soft look! Absolutely gorgeous.

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    Very interesting and creative series. some photos fall out of the series, too theatrical

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    Wow! This is really amazing work Ben.

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    I simply love your work, so creative. i use to get upset when i would loose light. now i see it as an opportunity to get weird and free up my subjects.

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    I love it when you use this model!! 🙂

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