Find your signature style,
develop a streamlined workflow,
and create consistency in your work!
This class takes place in Lightroom, and is for those of you who want to take the WTF out of editing. In it, I break down my entire editing process and lay out the steps to create a style that's as unique as you are.
In-depth videos (2+ hours total), quick tips & tricks, and a handful of really bad jokes included.
"Thank you so much Ben! This was such a great learning experience.
I can’t believe how simple it is to create such stunning photos. My mind is blown!"
"This class has been HUGELY helpful! I feel like I’ve come away from it with so many useful new skills and tips, but more importantly I got a glimpse into the ideas that shape why Ben creates his images the way he does. His communication is clear, well-paced, and I love how he reviews everything he’s gone over. I’m so inspired to get out there and start using the new knowledge I have. Thank you!"
"I can’t thank you enough for your guidance! You have truly inspired me. There aren’t a lot of people that are willing to share and I appreciate the education you've offered to enhance my own craft.
You’re the best, Thank you again!"
"One word, WOW! I was a bit hesitant at first, but after finishing it I am fully convinced that it was worth every single penny. I’ve done a few seminars and courses, but nothing went as in depth into the editing as yours did. It was EXACTLY what I was missing in my arsenal and it really has taken my perspective and editing to a whole new level."
"Ben demonstrated each step of his post processing in detail, and was very thorough in explaining why and how he does his adjustments! I was amazed to see how the photos were transformed using his simple yet effective techniques. He also gave great tips on making subjects pop, creating golden light, and creating great skin tones!"
"Ben! Thank you so much for truly inspiring me to see my work in a different light! I have been in this business six years and have to constantly remind myself that I can always learn more. You're awesome at what you do and a fantastic teacher!"
This was so much fun and so real! The process was much more simplified than I thought and that’s good! Things don’t need to be complicated if they don’t have to be. I was also amazed at how much retouching you can do in Lightroom!"
"This class changed my perspective on defining my style. I’ve been struggling with it for some time now and I feel like I am finally ready to go out there and do what I love with confidence!
Thank you Ben! I can’t wait to take the rest of your classes!"
"This class is absolutely incredible. Ben has such a talent for explaining and simplifying all aspects of editing. I had no idea what capabilities I had with Lightroom. Thank you!"

    Shooting for consistency

    Finding the best light for your style

    Building trust in your clients

    Booking clients that love your work

    How to shoot more of what you love


    Building your own preset

    Editing efficiency and consistency

    Mastering tone curves, split toning, etc

    Fostering a recognizable style

    My starter and B+W Presets are included!


    How to expose properly

    Creating beautiful skin tones

    Coloring and toning your image

    Creating bright and airy images

    Fixing difficult lighting

    Tricks for Hard Light and Artificial Light

    Mimicking film tones: Kodak, Fuji, Expired

  •  STYLE

    Adding visual excitement

    Golden light and warmth

    Drawing focus to your subjects

    Bringing detail shots to life

    Creating drama through editing

    Adding grain


    Retouching skin

    Subtly enhancing eyes (and why)

    Vibrant smiles

    Creating a clutter free image

    Drawing attention to the subject


    Applying my workflow to your style

    Creating a speedy workflow

    Always knowing your next move

    Creating connection in your images

    Consistency Consistency Consistency


    There’s one more section in here that I’m going to keep as a useful little secret!

    Is it how to make everyone look like a cat?

    Is it downloadable money?

    Who knows!


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Less money. More Knowledge.

This self-paced class walks you through my entire workflow in a series of 8 videos:
Shooting, Presets, Light & Color, Back Lighting, Hard Light, Style, Retouching, and Adding Grain (plus a surprise video).


Why I do what I do.

Exactly how I do it.

How you can tweak any of it to create a style unique to you!

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