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HOT DANG. These two classes are my favorites and my most popular so I created a bundle for you all to get these two jam-packed classes at a bundled price.

If you are hoping for a well rounded education, this is the place to get it. The two classes included in this bundle are Editing & Consistency, and Posing & Directing. You can read more about each class by clicking on their thumbnails below. Long story short, set your clocks. It's education time!

Editing & Posing Class Bundle - Ben Sasso
"These classes are like a flashlight in the dark. Editing secrets were fully revealed, brilliant posing insights were laid out in the most practical ways you could imagine, and new content is added in all of the time.
What more could you ask for?"
"If you follow Ben's articles but haven't taken his classes, you've haven't even seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to education. He's packed his 10 years of photography knowledge into these classes in the most tangible way. I'm so thankful for these!"
"I asked a few photographers where I could learn how to direct people into more genuine connections and Ben was the only who didn't try to sell me something (even though he offers classes). Instead, he sent me a few free articles of his own and links to others. That's why I bought his class, and I freaking loved it.
He's good people."
"Posing and editing went from my two biggest struggles to my two biggest strengths after these classes.
I can't believe how much information was taught in such a simple, easy to understand way!"
"An absolute eye-opener. It's amazing to watch Ben work because there's a reason for everything he does.
He puts so much thought and effort into creating images that connect with the viewer.
This was absolutely worth every penny!”
"If you're on the fence, just come on over to the good side. We're all loving life over here after these classes! Ben, thank you so much for providing such an in-depth educational resource. After scouring the internet trying to learn this stuff for years, I've finally found what I've been needing!"


EDITING & POSING BUNDLE $350 ($50 off)

Purchase now, own forever.
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FULL BUNDLE / $475 ($125 off)

Less money. More knowledge.

It’s kind of like how two cookies are better than just one cookie.

After payment, you’ll receive an email from me inviting you to the classes.
Then it’s education time!

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