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Improvement isn't passive and this bundle is for those of you who want to dive head first into pushing your work forward. It includes every class I offer at a bundled price!

Inside you'll find an honest and in-depth education in what I consider to be some of the most important aspects of what we do.

To learn what each class covers, click through the links below!

"I've been coming back to these classes every few months or so since I've bought them and I'm always finding new sections that Ben has added in! It's been the most helpful thing I've ever done for my business (and art), and it's still growing!"
"Hands down the best thing I've ever invested in! The Bundle is a ridiculous wealth of knowledge and I wouldn't be where I am without it. Ben is the perfect mix of brilliant and hilarious. I swear that there isn't a single sentence in these classes that isn't helpful!"
"Ben's an idiot for not charging more."
"How in the heck do you know so much about so much?! Thank you!"
"Ben's teaching style is just proof that he has just as much talent as an educator as he does as an artist. These classes are filled to the brim with insight and it's completely changed how I create and how I market myself. Im so grateful!"
"AHHH! I've learned so much in your classes! My work is lightyears ahead of where it was before and I owe all of that to you. I loved every single bit of your classes but Posing and Directing class is absolutely favorite.
I still come back to it before almost every shoot! I can't thank you enough!"


FULL BUNDLE / $475 ($125 OFF)

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This is it! All of the education I offer is in here. If you go through it all, you’ll actually become Ben Sasso (no refunds).

Education is at the heart of improvement. Dig in, and enjoy!

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Then it’s education time!

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