This class is all about a complicated, but simple thing:
How to create a consistent, recognizable style and a brand that brings in the clients that love what you have to offer.

Having that well developed style and brand will create trust in your clients and confidence in your work, two things that are crucial to your success as a photographer.

Spoiler alert: It wont happen over night but If you are ready to take the first steps, give me a virtual high-five and let's dig in!

"Business growth and creative fulfillment!
It's been a year since I bought this, I've seen it's success. I have the path forward that I needed.
I'm so thankful!"
"Best decision ever. This was a turning point for me.
I purchased this class a while ago and felt like I needed to come back to leave a new review. I’ve had more bookings, and more couples that fit my style than I have in the past 4 years of shooting. I love that Ben gives you very tangible things to focus on and I can tell you from experience, they make a huge difference. I have been recommending this class (and Ben’s Editing and Consistency class) to everyone I know."
"WHOA. This was a life changer. I felt so lost in my style and direction for the past few months and this has completely refreshed me and helped me figure out so many things I have been struggling with. I have a clear path forward now and I’m so excited to start heading down it. Thank you SO much!"
"YES! This class was exactly what I needed.
If you are reading this and trying to decide if you should sign up, do it! I love the way Ben lays everything out so clearly and how honest he is about what he shares. It seems like a rare thing these days. I’m honestly so thankful that I came across this class when I did!"

    Defining your style

    Creating clients that trust your vision

    Becoming an expert in your niche

    Attracting the best clients for you

    Booking clients faster and easier


    Evaluating and evolving your work

    The importance of experimentation

    Taking risks

    Creating a style with depth

    Add to your bag of tricks


    Branding 101: what, why, and how

    Control how your work is perceived

    Brand consistency and enforcement

    What are your two words?

    How your brand can work for you

STYLE & BRAND / $100

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FULL BUNDLE / $475 ($125 off)

Less money. More Knowledge.

This self paced class is broken down into three main sections (Style, Experimentation, and Brand) that each include a few “homework assignments” for you to do on your own to help you define your style and create a brand that moves your work and business forward.

After payment, you’ll receive an email from me inviting you to the class.
Then it’s education time!

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