Heck Yeah Art Pack

Tones designed to flatter your subject and to make your image shine. This set is the perfect balance of fade and pop and each included preset is designed to mesh beautifully with the rest of the pack. Variety, consistency, and gorgeous style. This pack includes 6 Lightroom presets, 6 Adobe Camera Raw presets, modifiers to add grain, and a tutorial video to help you make the most of your presets. Huzzah!

These presets were created to speed up your workflow, add a rich but muted style to your work, and to adapt to as many locations, lighting scenarios, and skin tones as possible. Dig in and enjoy!

"One of the things I love about Ben is that he has high standards and he doesn't put out anything that doesn't match them. He truly cares about what he offers and the photo community benefits massively from that attitude. Along with the wealth of knowledge in his free lighting class (so awesome), Heck Yeah Presets have led me to create my best work ever! If you're looking for high quality presets, get them from a high quality guy."
  • Heck Yeah Art 1

    Warmth that’s as rich as it is soothing.
    Flattering to skin and full of summer vibes.

  • Heck Yeah Art 2

    Gentle skin tones and blues so deep you’ll be afraid to swim in them.
    My favorite in this pack for indoors, and overcast light!

  • Heck Yeah Art 3

    Creamy highlights, subtle skin-flattering tones, and a hint of warmth on the side.
    A​ true friend to portraits everywhere.​

  • Heck Yeah Art 4

    An understated honey soaked palette, and plenty of detail retention in the shadows.
    Smooth as honey but without the bees.

  • Heck Yeah Art 5

    Pale greens and rich, chocolatey undertones that paint a muted depth onto the image.

  • Heck Yeah Art B+W

    Silky highlights and rich shadows for the perfect mix of fade and pop.

One click edits with this pack

Heck Yeah Art Pack / $75

Includes six Heck Yeah Art Presets (for LR & ACR), grain presets, and a video tutorial to help you make the most of them!

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get the bundle!
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    Adobe Lightroom 4 or higher (or CC)


    Adobe Camera Raw (CC)

    RAW files supported, not for JPEGs


    5 Color Presets

    1 Black and White Preset

    Add Grain (Hard and Soft)

    Lens Correction (On and Off)

    Tutorial Video

    LR and ACR files are included


    After payment, you’ll receive an email with a download link for your presets and extras so you can start using them right away. Woohoo!

Great edits start with great light! These presets aren’t made to save lackluster images so if you’re looking for that sort of magic, maybe this will help.  Refunds aren’t offered but advice and help always are. We’re all in this together.