Heck Yeah Bright Pack

Beautifully luminous skin tones, and the perfect amount of pop. This is the brightest of the three packs and is the closest to my personal style, a mix of rich warmth and gently cool tones. This pack includes 6 Lightroom presets, 6 Adobe Camera Raw presets, modifiers to add grain, and a tutorial video to help you make the most of your presets. Huzzah!

These presets were created to speed up your workflow, add a luminous and flattering style to your work, and to adapt to as many locations, lighting scenarios, and skin tones as possible. Dig in and enjoy!

"I cannot begin to tell you how much I love and adore Ben’s Heck Yeah Bright Pack! I have been using these presets since I started shooting weddings and have bounced around to several other presets but I always come back to these and love the way my photos come out every time! They are bright, they are warm, and they are amazing!"
"MY ABSOLUTE GO TO! I am in LOVE with the bright pack! Whenever I open Lightroom & upload a set the first thing I do is click through all the different options featured in the pack to choose the perfect sunny & bright feel. I specialize in natural light photography & these presets complement that so well. I only have to tweak a few things, usually my exposure & contrast, & that's only because I like to shoot a little under exposed. Other than that, these presets are simple, & highlight the beauty in your photo rather than completely change its look. For me personally, this isn't something you find in the array of presets out today that are based more on trends & will fade with time making many constantly search for new presets to keep up. The bright pack presets are timeless, & are definitely something I will be using for many years to come."
"My time is very valuable to me, so the ease of using these presets was a huge bonus in my workflow. The presets look very good as is/one click if you shoot similar to Ben. However, They are very easy to "make into your own" unlike other presets I purchased last year. Others I found being harder to tweak. I shoot mostly on the West Coast so editing my east coast gigs in the past was always hard. With a few clicks on the sliders thanks to the Heck Yeah presets I can make my work look super consistent no matter where I shoot. I highly recommend these! My work has really improved over the last year, and I finally feel consistent and efficient in my editing. Thanks Ben!"
  • Heck Yeah Bright 1

    Rich warmth without those pesky, overpowering skin tones.

  • Heck Yeah Bright 2

    Bright but soft with cool, gentle highlights, and creamy skin tones.

  • Heck Yeah Bright 3

    Clean and flattering, with luminously warm undertones. Perfect for weddings, and portraits in almost every type of light.
    My favorite out of all of the packs!

  • Heck Yeah Bright 4

    Cool shadows, rich highlights, and subtle tones across the board for a muted image that still packs a punch.

  • Heck Yeah Bright 5

    Complimenting highlight and shadow colors for gorgeous tones from top to bottom.
    “You look great, Shadow” –  Highlight
    “Thanks, you too!” – Shadow

  • Heck Yeah Bright B+W

    Black, white, and ever so right.
    Day and night, it’s out of sight.

One click edits with this pack

Heck Yeah Bright Pack / $75

Includes six Heck Yeah Bright Presets (for LR & ACR), grain presets, and a video tutorial to help you make the most of them!

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    Adobe Lightroom 4 or higher (or CC)


    Adobe Camera Raw (CC)

    RAW files supported, not for JPEGs


    5 Color Presets

    1 Black and White Preset

    Add Grain (Hard and Soft)

    Lens Correction (On and Off)

    Tutorial Video


    After payment, you’ll receive an email with a download link for your presets and extras so you can start using them right away. Woohoo!

Great edits start with great light! These presets aren’t made to save lackluster images so if you’re looking for that sort of magic, maybe this will help.  Refunds aren’t offered but advice and help always are. We’re all in this together.