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Oh hey friends. At workshops and conferences I always preach the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone to encourage a different way of thinking, to push your work forward, or even just to create something new. Sometimes that comfort zone is a certain type of light, a mood, or your favorite lens. Whatever it is, take a step out. Experimentation fosters progression and if you step out of your comfort zone, I promise it will grow to meet you wherever you are.

Here’s a little step out of my own. These are all shot and edited on my trusty iPhone. I felt like a fanny pack tourist at an amusement park on this entire shoot and it was awesome. Nerd life.

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If you're looking for some apps to edit in, VSCO Cam is my go-to for everything stylistically and Touch Retouch is perfect for a million things but I use it for retouching (removing distractions, cleaning up the frame, etc). Another fun one to play with is Lens Distortions. I don't use it much but I wanted to throw it in here in case it's your thing!
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    These are wonderful Ben! What was the lighting situation for this set?

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    These are so stunning! Thanks for the inspiration to get out from infront on my computer and go and photograph something!

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    Love this! Your work is absolutly inspiring!

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    Love this shoot! I’d so be interested in a post how you create your natural light studio. The quality of light here is just gorgeous.

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    Love these! You were talking about your iphone shoots at the foster workshop and I was so interested in seeing the final product. These are amazing! killin it once again.

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    Too good. you never cease to amaze!! dsjkdkf

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    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!!

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    In love with these! i’m so curious what you used in the foreground in the first few shots. such a cool effect! these are truly stunning. well done!

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    You just astonish me, always. I need your creativity!

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    ben! These are so interesting. i love the movement of the fabric she is embraced in. she almost looks like she is under water in these shots. beautiful!

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    You made the mistake of Including such an Epic gif, the images just dont Measure up anymore :p hahaha totally kidding! But real talk, this is amazing and anytime anyOne tries to Say they cant make a great photo because their camera isnt good enough ill be directing them here!!!!
    Ps i also cant wait to Get your educational pdfs both because i know i will absolutely learn something but also id love to add the materials to my list of great Resourses i send to learning photographers!

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    You are very skilled with your imagination sir! It’s never about the camera as you so very well demonstrate in your work! Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Very poetic!and do u use some fav vcso filters or do all the toning manually?thank you

    • Thanks Yana! I don’t use VSCO presets at all but I do use some presets that I’ve created. They don’t create a finished image but instead set a few things to speed up my workflow and to keep my work consistent. Those are included in my Editing + Consistency class!

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    You´re crazy.
    The images are awesome. Perfect proof that seeing and using light is the key and not the several k gear.

    I love your work.

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    This is SO beatiful!!!! Please share some tips on how do you edit using VSCO cam in iphone to get this look. Amazing work! Congratulations!

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    these are amazinnggg!! i cant believe they are shot on an iphone! DID YOU USE ANY ADDITIONAL LENSES OR APPS TO CONTROL THE CAMERA MORE, OR JUST THE REGULAR IPHONE CAMERA AND APP?


    • Thanks Kayla! I think for some of these I had the Moment Tele lens on my phone. I shot them all with my iphone camera app but if I was to do it again, I’d use an app called 645 Pro which allows you to have fully manual control over the iphone camera, and completely unaltered files (the iphone alters normal photos slightly).

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