The universe has existed for 14 billion years.
Humans have existed for 200K years.
You’ll only exist for about 80 years.
Let whatever is in you, out.
Be kind. Get weird.














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    I love the way you pursue constant improvement. That’s the way it should be. Incredible work.

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    Mate, You are always am inspiration.
    Keep up the awesomen work.

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    Love all of this so much. Favorite work so far.

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    Amazing ben! You’re always inspiering me to be myself in my creative work, So thank you.

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    This is really, really excellent work, man.

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    This collection of photographs is mesmerizing! I love how soft and warm the color effects are on these images, even making her figure look shadowy in some shots. I would love to be able to find a download from the app store that could add this effect to the photos I take on my phone. Be kind is a great message!

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    It’s amazing what can be done with a simple set/background and a lot of talent.

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    This is So damn good! love your work!

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    stunning work!
    love these shots

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    Beautiful and inspiring!! love your work!

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    Really beautiful. I started to tackle a personal project myself earlier this year and this will give me a kick up the backside I need to get it going again!

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    Beautiful set as always ben! And inspiring to see you start using mixing light sources!

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    This session is stunning! I remembeR the bts but i couldn’t imagine such a Beautiful result! This is art

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    Incredible images ben, I adore the lighting in them! – stunning

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    dang ben, love your work. and also the fact that you always go off the beaten track.

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    INSPIRING photos indeed. I’ll call this my favourite.

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    Love how ethereal and sensual this feels. Love the warmth of the browns too!! Really enjoy your blog.

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