Over the years I have been finding inspiration in all sorts of places and always have shoot ideas floating around in my journal or somewhere in the back of my mind. This is one of those shoots that has been in my head for almost a year now and I am so far beyond excited about how they turned out. I wanted to create something with a balance between a delicate intimacy and strength. As usual, I threw some minimalism into the equation to keep things clutter free. Simplicity wins every time. Thanks to Rachel Burney for the hair and makeup!


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    BEN SASSO. sorry had to use caps. these are amazing, i love how soft they are! The colors are perfect. Great job!

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    Wow! Those colors are killer!

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    Seriously? Does everything you touch turn to gold?

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    Woah… Stunning work

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    killer set. Yes I want a 1.2 and these show such a beautiful creaminess. The tattoo is a perfect touch as well.

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    These are truly stunning!

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    Did you shoot this in a studio with a background? or is that just the beauty of a large aperture?

    I really admire your work and this one is exceptional.

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    Stunning Ben! Seriously, how to you achieve such a beautiful creamy palette? Something I’m working on, but it’s alluding me. Any tips?

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    Stunning. So simple and so beautiful.

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    Yup, definitely want that 50 1.2 now. Thanks a lot 😛

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    BEN! This is wonderful. SO gorgeous! I have a 50mm 1.2L but I can’t figure out how to shoot at 1.2 without everything looking crazy blurry. I’m sure you did some magic in post, too, but I was wondering if you had any tips for shooting wide open?

    • I actually don’t shoot all the way wide open Kaylee. I typically shoot at 1.8 or 2 because the in-focus areas will be sharper if you do. To blur out the background more, put it farther away from your subject. The more separation, the more blur!

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    Absolutely stunning. Amazing job Ben!

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    Ah… the light, tones, consistency- so, so, so good. Love your work Ben, love that you shoot for the sake of inspiration. Well done.

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    Ugh. Your warning wasn’t fair enough! haha. Oh how do I ever want to get a 50mm lens now! You are so freaking inspirational and when I saw this post my jaw dropped. I can only dream to achieve such perfection and beauty like your work has shown. You keep my passion for photography amazingly strong and my determination solid. Thanks a million!

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    Truly stunning! Is this digital or film??

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    oh goodness. these are absolutely incredible!

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    What can I add?

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    I just got a 50mm lens 1.2 and I have no clue how you got just her face in focus and her body out of focus. It looks so beautiful! Was that all in the lens?

    • It was all in the lens! Posing your model with them leaning slightly forward will give you that separation.

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    Thank you Ben!

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    Thank you so much Ben!

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    Amazing! These images are beautiful!

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    I haven’t shot wider then 2.8 in ages…and I really did love my work at 1.4 & 1.8…. You have inspired me to do to again just coz 🙂 lovely work Ben!

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    Stunning colours!!

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    Hey Ben! I have a quick question – was there a roof over her head? Or a scrim? It looks too bright to be under a complete shade like a roof, but the lighting is so even! I am trying to recreate something similar to this lighting-wise in another shoot I”m doing, any advise would be so helpful! I am in LOVE with these images! I can’t get these out of my head!

    • Stephanie, The sun was actually behind the wall that I used as a backdrop. That is what gave me that soft and non-directional light. Hope that helps!

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    Holy amazing technique an style. Loved what I saw on Fred Miranda so I had to stop by and let you know how much these images rock.

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    SPECTACULAR set Ben !!!! Love the softness and attention to details.

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    Your work is breath-taking what an inspiration!

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    These are by far my absolute favorite images you’ve ever created, ben! I aspire to be able to consistently create pictures like these and make people think, when they see my photographs, that they are “delicately intimate but full of strength.”

    Would love to see a before/after of one or a few of these…maybe even a one-frame of them! 😀

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    Ben Did you use one of your new presets on these? I am deciding which to get and these are more my style. Thank you!

    • Erin, Hi! These weren’t with the presets but the closest ones to my personal style are the bright pack (specifically Heck Yeah Bright 3). Hope that helps!

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    These photos are amazing! What lens were you using?

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