Thibaut and Pooja

Last weekend’s wedding was the epitome of romance. It was so beautiful too see how in love these two are. Thibaut and Pooja met salsa dancing in France where he was finishing his studies and she was teaching English. Sounds like a movie, I know. If it was a movie, I would own it. Their wedding was a beautiful fusion of French and Indian culture. As typical with Indian weddings, Pooja had henna done on her hands and feet the day before the wedding. After getting ready at The Kenwood Inn in St. Augustine the ceremony was held at The Oldest House (one of my favorite venues) and the reception took place in the loft and on the roof of The White Room. Thanks again to The Conservatorie for your floral magic! Below are some of my favorite images from the wedding. Thibaut and Pooja, I wish you both nothing but the best! Published on Style Me Pretty and Fly Away Bride.

  1. these are magic

  2. Holy guacamole, Ben. These are phenomenal. – the M.O.H

  3. Mind Blown.

  4. stunning!

  5. They will always be glad they chose you to document that day.

  6. . . . And where can I get one of those magnets that attracts interesting-looking people?

  7. Awesome, Love this.

  8. wow WOW. Sasso. I haven’t had your pix on my radar in a while. I picked the right wedding to drool over. They are lovely. You killed it.

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  10. Pooja and Thibalt’s love radiate in each of these fabulous photos!

  11. Pooja and Thibaut’s love shows dramatically in each of these fabulous shots!

  12. Awesome work!

  13. Thanks everyone!

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