I’m not going to lie, I feel ridiculously repetitive every time I start writing a blog post. Pretty much every time I start typing, the first thing that comes out is something like “I’m crazy excited to share this set!” I guess all in all, I could be having bigger problems than that. I shot these with Brandon a while back and I’m excited to be getting back into the studio in a few weeks for a few shoots including an all iPhone shoot!

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If you want to try the shooting through glass trick, an piece of clear or translucent glass or plastic will do! Just hold it right up against your lens hood and peeking into the frame. Different materials and different lenses will give you different looks so make sure you experiment a bit. Longer lenses will give you a softer blurred look while wider lenses will make it a bit more pronounced. Happy experimenting!
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    Hi, you have got a really nice set there. I love the editing as well.

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    this is so amazing!! i love it so much!!! What lens did you use exactly? would this effect work with a 50mm 1.8?? I cant wait to try this thank you so much!!

    • Thanks Alena! I used the 50L and 35L for these. It will work with the 1.8 as well!

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    Hey Ben! I’m following your work & Tipps quite a while now and it’s about time to say how much I appreciate the way you keep doing this amazing stuff! I always find some helpfull tipps and inspiration for my own work. Keep going! heck yeah 😀 Love from Switzerland, Susann

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    perfect! i am so excited! btw your pictures are blowing me away. i look at photographers work literally everyday and yours is by far the most creative have seen in a while. finally something inspiring!

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    “HECK YEAH!!” Beautiful and inspiring.
    Thank you for being an educator, an advocate for sincerity and kindness, and giving so much back to the world. Blessings from Utah!

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    Great outfits!

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    Hey! 🙂 Wow, amazing work – i love the look of the photos and the posing so much, inspired me! I’m happy to stumbled across you blog! keep up with the good work & have a nice day!

    Greetings from germany, Ricardo

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    wow! these are amazing.. i was wondering if it was all done in post at first so thanks for the tip that’ll be fun to try!

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    Hey Ben!
    I was just wondering:) will you ever share your workflow in iphone, ever with us? 🙂 thanks!

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    Umm yeah… totally obsessed with your editing skills!!

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    hey are you using frequency seperation on his skin?

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    Hi ben, Love this! Is Your editing style similar to what tou taught in the online editing course Previously purchased? Ive been using those techniques and Would love to try this with my portraits, but the colours look out of tbis workd for your images!

    • Ling, Yes it is! These are a bit cooler than my usual obviously, but they are edited with the same technique!

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    hey ben!

    What are some good tips in regards to finding great locations for shoots like these? I am at a standstill and rut in terms of inspiration for location scouting. Love open, airy spaces with great light like in this session.

    • Hey Brent! I’d suggest looking through Airbnb (and asking the owners), and googling “Natural Light Photography Studio Rental.” There are plenty of rentals in creative hubs like NY, LA, etc.

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