Here are a few of my favorite frames from my most shoot with Melissa! I’m sure that I’ll be posting a ONE FRAME breakdown of one of these soon so you’ll be able to hear a bit of my insight behind the shoot. Sharing is caring, right? Until then, enjoy!


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    I love the atmosphere in this set! Great work Ben! Keep going 😉

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    These are so beautiful!!

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    Gosh, Ben, these are seriously gorgeous. Cannot wait to meet ya at Field Trip!

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    Love your style! Pictures are so “clean”.

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    YES!!!! nailed it!!!!

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    4th one – that woman loves the camera – or is it, the camera loves that woman.

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    Just came across your work – awesome! great post.

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    Can’t wait for the One Frame breakdown of this shoot. 🙂

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    How lovely! The mood, style and feel is all there! I love it!

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    I would love to hear a little more on what you did for this shoot?

    • Devion, you may enjoy checking out the One Frame series that I did on this shoot where I broke down an image and talked a bit more about what made it come together. You can find that here:

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    Such a beautiful girl! I like these pictures!

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