Winter Explorer

I can’t even find the words to tell you how gorgeous Washington is. A few weeks back I flew up to Seattle to visit Jordan Voth (and to plan a workshop we will be leading in the late spring) and I was absolutely blown away by it’s nature. On the first day I was there we did a 10+ mile hike, walked around on a frozen lake and had our shoes frozen onto our feet. Not something I am used to after growing up in Florida and living in Southern California.

This set is actually one of my favorites that I’ve shot in a LONG time and am I so excited to final put them up here. We shot these on Super Bowl Sunday (can you guess that I’m not a football fan?) and it was so nice to be able to escape the craziness happening in Seattle that day to get into the wilderness to shoot. Anyone who knows me knows that I am huge nature fan and this is a side of it that I’ve never seen before. It definitely isn’t something I’ll be forgetting anytime soon. Enjoy!


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    gorgeous! was the snow reflecting light? is that why her face/eyes seem to glow? so gorgeous!

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    wonderful <3 lovely photos. love the atmosphere. love it 🙂
    greets from austria. Monika

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    Flawless!! She is an incredible model. Amazing images!

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    Ah! So amazing. Beautiful as always! PS- Will you be at WPPI?

    • Thank you Ashley! I won’t be at WPPI this year because I will be speaking at Photo Field Trip instead!

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    Man, always so fresh and so clean. Great stuff, buddy.

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    Have you posted any info. yet on the workshop with Jordan Voth?

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    It’s great you take time to balance out the hours you have to sit while editing and mentoring.

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    Beautiful work!

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    You are freaking incredible!

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    As if I didn’t already want to relocate to Seattle! What a winter wonderland!

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    these are beautiful of course!

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    Amazing photos!!! 😀

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    Hey Ben,
    Beautiful work!!
    Love the simplicity of your shots in the natural landscape.

    I wanted to ask, as someone who is really trying to come into their own with photography, what lenses were you working with on this shoot?

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    I Love the natural look! any editing tips for keeping a natural look while still making the colors POP!?

    • Thanks Devion! Shooting in soft light keeps my colors really calm and natural and I bring the pop back in through the warmth, contrast, tone curve and a few other little things in LR. If you are interested in digging in more, I actually offer and Editing and Workflow class that covers exactly what I do!

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    Will you be having more workshops in washington or the areas around there? I am in vancouver, canada and would love to attend to a workshop of yours! 🙂

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