Earlier this year I was contacted to shoot a few editorials for Darling Magazine and I was thrilled! Darling is a beautifully refreshing magazine about the art of being a woman. I am flattered to be on it’s pages with so many other talented photographers and artists. Below is one of the spreads I shot for an article about intentional communication (please forgive the quick scans). If you want to learn about virtue, modesty, or wisdom, or if you just want to look at something beautiful, go pick one up!

Model: Veronica Dame

Hair: Yen Ryder

Make Up: Ashley Rose Hidde

Wardrobe: Anthropologie

Image      Image

  1. One of my favorite photographers shooting one of my favorite models for an amazing magazine…how could it not be amazing?!?!

  2. Thank you Shannon!

  3. Nice.

  4. I love this set. Awesome.
    Happy New Year!

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