Heck yes! I am so excited to finally post this shoot! Every now and then I feel the need to take a step away from the usual tricks that I rely on to experiment with new techniques. Doing this keeps me excited about what I do and allows me to add to my bag of tricks and push my style forward. As I was putting this shoot together (see my embarrassing stick-figure shot lists on my Instagram feed), I was doing my best to figure out how I could add a layer of depth and interest to the final images and the trick I landed on was broken glass. I put a few different glasses from my cabinet in a cloth bag and, smashed them on the sidewalk in front of our house. After finding a few shards that I could shoot through, I was loving the way that the light was playing through each piece. Now, I have another fun little trick to work in to my style and this summer I plan to spend some time finding a few more!

If you are a photographer (or any type of artist), devote some of your time to personal work in which you can experiment without the pressure of a paying client. I promise you that it will open up a part of your brain that you aren’t using and you will find something that can take your work a step closer to where you want to be.


  1. I love these! Very flirty and tasteful.

  2. beautiful! simply beautiful!

  3. These photos are stunning! I love the location & the lighting is just gorgeous! Plus, the model couldn’t be more fitting & lovely. Great work! 🙂

  4. These are fantastic, I always love your work.

  5. Broken glass, eh? Love it! (and yes, I’m Canadian) 😉

  6. Holy crap Dude! Freaking amazing, keep the mind rolling, cause you’ll continue to produce epic images like this!

  7. Dude these are so amazing! Very inspired to shoot some personal work.

  8. What’s that location!?

  9. These are gorgeous. Truly inspiring..

  10. ohhh I love this!! I’m going to try your glass trick someday. 😀

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